About the Creator

This page contains all the information you need about yours truly! The guy writing this right now!! Yes! Right here! Anyways this is the second iteration of this page and I would love feedback!

Basic Information

I am a man of many MANY names. Some call me Benny. Others, Martin. Some even call me Charlie but that's rare. Reguardless, I'm a big loser who steals names. A BIG loser, right? I mean look at this, I'm here rambling on a website about vampire hunting! Crazy? WRONG! I'm awesome and cool!!! SO COOL!!!

I am a queer dude. A gay guy? A big boy. Sometimes I'm a boygirl, but somtimes I'm a girlboy. BUT ALL THE TIME I'M EPIC!! I'm 17 but I'll be 18 in less than a month!!! And I plan on moving in with my witch sister so I can ACTUALLY begin hunting!

As a poly dude, I have not ONE not THREE but TWO BOYFRIENDS! One of them is a WEREWOLF!!! It's so cool and I love them and they support me and my AWESOME SITE!!!! My werefriend (werewolf boyfriend) is a member of BATS and is SO SO COOL!!!

he/it/she pronouns !?!?!?!!??


I enjoy a lot of things! I really like supernatural and psychological horror. THey're COOL! One issue I have with them though is that most of them act like vampires are GOOD?!? THEY KILL PEOPLE!!! FOR FUN!!!

Other than that I do art and make a lot of projects. Websites, video games, etc. Most of the time I'm just watching funny YouTubers and hanging out on Discord though...

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